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A Guide to Los Gatos Parks

Kelly Dippel January 25, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Santa Clara County at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos boasts a collection of picturesque parks that cater to the recreational needs of its residents and visitors. Read on to explore the notable parks in Los Gatos, showcasing their distinct features and amenities that make them cherished community assets.

Blossom Hill Park

16300 Blossom Hill Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95032

Blossom Hill Park stands out as a green oasis in the midst of suburban life. This 12-acre park provides a serene escape for those seeking a peaceful retreat or a day of sports on the six lighted tennis courts and baseball fields. The park features well-maintained walking paths, perfect for leisurely strolls or invigorating jogs. You’ll also find shaded picnic areas, playgrounds, and expansive grassy fields. Blossom Hill Park is a hub of social activity within Los Gatos.

Vasona Lake County Park

333 Blossom Hill Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95032

For those with a penchant for waterfront views and outdoor recreation, Vasona Lake County Park stands as an inviting destination. Spanning 150 acres in total, the park surrounds the picturesque Vasona Reservoir and Los Gatos Creek, offering stunning vistas and a range of activities. The reservoir is a focal point for paddle boating and fishing enthusiasts, while the paved trails are perfect for cyclists and joggers. With 45 acres of lawn space, the park is ideal for a game of frisbee or soccer. Vasona Lake County Park is also home to the Youth Science Institute, which hosts summer science camps, youth nature and storytelling programs, and school outings. Not only that, but the multi-use Los Gatos Creek Trail runs through the park, perfect for running, skating, and biking.  In December, visitors can explore the “Fantasy of Lights” exhibit which is 1.5 miles of dazzling LED lights put together in a fabulous displays.  Every year has a unique theme including Dinosaur Den, Santa shooting hoops, playful penguins, and more.  The exhibit opens at sundown and visitors can walk through the display or drive through the one-way exhibit in their private vehicle.  Great way to celebrate the Holiday Season!

Oak Meadow Park

233 Blossom Hill Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95032

In the southern section of Vasona Lake County Park, Oak Meadow Park offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and fun amenities. The park spans 12 acres and features expansive lawns, meandering trails, a spacious playground, barbecue and picnic areas, and a charming duck pond. There’s even a decommissioned jet and the whimsical Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad, a miniature train that winds its way through the park. The iconic W.E. Bill Mason Carousel adds a touch of nostalgia to the park, making Oak Meadow Park a beloved destination for both residents and visitors.

Bachman Park

500 Bachman Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95030

Situated in a residential neighborhood, Bachman Park provides a tranquil haven for anyone seeking a quiet escape. This well-maintained park features lush greenery, a basketball court, a playground, and picnic areas for relaxed gatherings underneath shady oak trees. The open space encourages residents to engage in various recreational activities, from casual sports games to yoga sessions. With its simple charm, Bachman Park embodies the essence of community parks, fostering a sense of belonging among those who frequent its grounds.

Belgatos Park

330 Belgatos Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95032

Tucked away in the eastern hills of Los Gatos, Belgatos Park offers a more secluded and natural setting for outdoor enthusiasts. The park spans 17 acres and features a playground, a climbing wall, picnic areas, open space, and a network of hiking trails that wind through oak woodlands and open meadows, perfect for hiking, biking, and equestrian use. Nature lovers appreciate the diverse flora and fauna, making Belgatos Park an ideal destination for birdwatching and exploring the local ecosystem.

La Rinconada Park

151 Granada Way, Los Gatos, CA 95032

La Rinconada Park stands as a versatile recreational creekside hub in Los Gatos. Boasting 14 acres of diverse landscapes, the park caters to a wide range of interests. Sports enthusiasts can head to the tennis and pickleball courts, basketball courts, and sports fields. The expansive lawn areas provide ample space for community events, picnics, and gatherings.

Lexington Reservoir County Park

17770 Alma Bridge Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95033

If you’re up for a more extended adventure, the 950-acre Lexington Reservoir County Park stands as another notable outdoor destination within Los Gatos. Centered around the 338-acre artificial Lexington Reservoir in the St. Joseph’s Hill Open Space Preserve, this beloved park offers a tranquil escape with its expansive reservoir and surrounding natural landscapes. Popular for shoreline fishing and boating, the reservoir attracts outdoor enthusiasts seeking a quieter and less crowded experience. The park features well-maintained trails, providing opportunities for hiking, trail running, biking and birdwatching while taking in the scenic views.

Whether enjoying a moment of quiet solitude or a hiking excursion, the parks in Los Gatos offer amazing environments that enhance the quality of life for all. Are you ready to begin your next adventure in Los Gatos? Trusted real estate advisor Kelly Dippel is prepared to help you start your journey through the Los Gatos real estate scene. Connect today!

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